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Joints and bones are essential for bodily movement, and caring for them can greatly impact our day-to-day lives. Bone and joint pain shouldn’t be taken silly because a minor joint discomfort can become a chronic condition. Several factors can cause knee pain, from infection to inflammation to injuries to mere old age. Proper diet and exercise may help you find relief and regain your bone strength, allowing enjoy a happy and vibrant lifestyle. 

According to ancient Ayurveda, the bones and joints are considered a site of vata in the body. So, they naturally have an affinity for vata and are particularly prone to vata imbalances. This imbalance can lead to dryness and frequent cracking and popping during movement and becomes particularly painful and uncomfortable.

At Shafi Dawa Khana Ayurveda Hospital, we help you find relief and healing from this tragic scenario through their authentic treatment techniques. Our team of experienced doctors offers natural ways to promote bone health of joints, help get rid of the symptoms, and prevent further complications. Some common Ayurvedic treatments include herbal remedies,  Panchakarma therapy, Yoga and meditation, and diet and lifestyle changes.

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