Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam

Kalari, or "Kalarippayattu," is Kerala's oldest and most scientific martial art, dating back over 3,000 years. Now, it's known as one of the highest forms of physical and mental training. Over six decades ago, Usthad Gurukkal started a Kalari training and treatment centre attached to his own house, establishing Shafi Dawa Khana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, later known as Choorakkodi Kalari Chikitsalayam. He was a great inspirer of Kalari, which made him master various Kalari methods from over fifty Gurus in every nook and corner of our homeland. The Director of "SIGARO," in the Greatest Theatre Complex of France, and seven other exceptionally talented individuals were selected from nearly 60 camps last October. Among them stood A.M. Shamsuddeen from Kozhikode District, a proud disciple of Ustad C.M.M. Gurukkal from Choorakkodi Kalari in Chelavoor.


The power of Kalari

The legacy of Kalari continues to fascinate hearts and minds across the globe, and of course, it is deeply intertwined with the rich heritage of Kerala. By showcasing the exceptional beauty and skill of this ancient martial art, the Western wing of the esteemed Choorakkodi Kalari troop has graced stages in Russia and various Gulf countries. Famous individuals like Dr.Baratt (Emory University) and former world Heavyweight Champion Mohammed Aley have sought Kalari performance and treatment at Choorakkodi Kalari in Kerala.

Kalaripayattu, now the well-celebrated sport, perfectly blends physical mastery, mental fortitude, and discipline. After relentless practice, practitioners attain a state of body relaxation before delving into the steps of Kothari and then Angathari. Karate, the martial art we celebrate today, is the modern way of practicing the Thambakkai of Kalarippayattu.

When we look back on ancient history, we can see that there were famous Kalaries in 64 Villages, attached to the houses of eminent persons. We can be proud that Kalari's popularity is not limited here but worldwide throughout history, and the best part is that the spirit of Kalaripayattu remains alive despite the challenges of modernization.


The Kalari Academy

Usthad CMM Gurukkal started teaching kalari, the ultimate martial art, about 60 years ago and offered Kalari treatments at home. Initially, it was named Shafi Dawa Khana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, later known as Choorakkodi Kalari Chikitsalayam. Usthad Gurukkal was a great admirer of Kalari since his childhood and traveled across Kerala to learn various Kalari methods like Thekkan, Vadakkan, Thulunadan, and Kadathanadan Mura. Self-defense and mental & spiritual development are the significant benefits provided by the Kalari practice. He shared the knowledge he acquired under the guidance of around fifty Gurus with his students. Throughout its journey, Choorakkodi Kalari Sangam won prizes in National and State Kalari Championships and participated in SAF Games under the mentorship of Dr. Saheer Ali, the Managing Director of SDK.

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Uzhichil, a kalari treatment

Uzhichil, or body massage, is a treatment in the tradition of Kalaripayattu and Ayurveda. It gained popularity mainly through Kalari chikitsa. Today, Kalari Uzhichil is highly valued. It enhances the circulation of the body fluids, activates its lymphatic system, and helps purify it, developing a perfect path for the flow of vital energy. The central government has set up Project Massage Training Centers in ten districts. With the cooperation of the Parambarya Vaidya Foundation, training has been provided to 300 adults, both men and women. In the Calicut District, the massage course was held at Choorakkodi Kalari (S.D.K. Health Complex).

About Choorakkodi Kalari

The visionary behind SDK Health Complex, Usthad C.M.M. Gurukkal, was a great admirer of Kalari practice in his early ages. His strong passion for Kalari made him learn Kalari techniques such as Thekkabnura, Vadakkanmura, Thulunadan Mura, and Kadathanadan Mura. Along the way, he obtained knowledge from over fifty Gurus, including esteemed figures like E.P. Abdulrahiman Gurukkal, Floor Abdullakutty Gurukkal, Chirakkal T. Sreedharan Nair Gurukkal, Hydros Gurukkal, and Francis Eelam. Other than this, he has also obtained knowledge under the guidance of most renowned people like Hakeem Abu Ahammed Ponnani, K.T. Mahavan Vadiyar, and Raghavan Thirumulpad, who shared their wisdom in Kalari Chikilsa and Ayurveda. Later, Usthad Gurukkal established Choorakody Kalari Sangham as a martial arts centre, apart from a treatment centre. It attracted enthusiasts from all over the world, eager to learn Kerala's rich martial tradition.

Dr. Saheer Ali, Son of the Founder, now deeply undertakes his father's legacy, ensuring that SDK Complex remains a light of healing and tradition in the community.


Parambarya chikilsa and unani chikilsa

Unani chikilsa treats various diseases related to all the systems and organs of the human body. This treatment included treatments for chronic skin, liver, and musculoskeletal and reproductive diseases and immunological and lifestyle disorders that have been found very effective and acceptable. Our healthcare physician recommends specific dietary regimen modifications while treating patients. Besides, we prioritise preventive aspects rather than the curative aspects of various diseases. Over the years, Choorakkodi Kalari Chikilsalayam became a sanctuary for needy patients, gaining recognition within Kerala, across India, and even internationally. Our skilled doctors and gurukkals experts in Kalari Chikilsa and Kalarippayattu training play a vital part in holistic healing for every aspirant, where quality is not compromised.

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